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Subject: Fw: Feedback for taxi drivers
Date:  Sun, 7 Dec 2014 17:25:35 +0000
To:  Bookings <bookings@24-7cars.co.uk>

hank you all for a great service last week. All the people who travelled

to UK were very happy with all the taxis and drivers.
Thank you.

Kind Regards
Anna Rigby
Huhtamaki (UK) Ltd
Hi Anna

Can you pass on this excellent feedback please : )

See you soon

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    From: Teemu Immonen
    Sent: 05/12/2014 00:06 ZE2
    To: Vanessa VanDaal
    Subject: Feedback for taxi drivers

Great to meet you again!!

Please pass my positive feedback to taxi company and the drivers. Both
ways, beautiful :) !!

On Tuesday evening my driver was from Romania, close to Transylvania. Used
to be a dancer, then a soldier in Angola and now a taxi driver in UK.
- he gave me a lesson of global economy and how money drives the decisions.
I even got tips how buy/build a factory in Romania. ~2 hours drive was like
15 minutes because of our chat.

On the way back to Heathrow, again a driver from Romania. First he was
totally confused - only for 5 minutes - as his information didn't match to
customers. He called to his office and sorted it out and took us all in to
his taxi. Ludmila to one Hotel, Rosa to the second one - and then he took
us to Terminal 3 to give to Sari's mobile to Sari - she forget her mobile
in the meeting room - after that he took me and Denise to our Hotel. 'No
problem, no problem, I will take care of you and I understand' was his most
used comments :)

He went for extra miles, extra time etc. - and on top of that he went
inside of each hotel to the reception with us to check &confirm he had took
us all to the right hotels.

I hope you can forward my feedback to the taxi company in a such away the
guys will get the recognition they truly deserve from their employer!
- both guys had their families in Romania, they were and are just
collecting money in UK - but the service level = beautiful, good service
delivered in a excellent way is truly telling the story. I'm happy if I
will ever get a change to 'pay them' again for the customer experience - it
felt more than just a Skoda drive from Heathrow to Fareham and back.


To whom it may concern

Reference - 24/7 Taxis

“I have been employed by Zurich Financial Services for the past 15 years with my last role being as Chief Executive Officer for the UK business. Zurich UK is one of the largest firms on the South coast employing circa 6000 staff in offices across the UK but with its Head Office in Fareham, Hampshire.

Having personally used 24/7 Taxis for over 6 years and having retained them as a key business partner for Zurich whilst CEO, I believe that I am in a strong position to provide a Reference.

In my view, there are essentially 3 elements that a taxi firm should be measured against, above and beyond the commerciality of the overall deal. Firstly, they must provide professional drivers who interface with their passengers in a courteous manner. Secondly, they must have vehicles that are roadworthy, clean and fit for purpose; and lastly, their service must be of the highest standard - punctual and safe.

In all aspects, 24/7 excels.

Regarding the first element, Zurich hosts a very large number of senior international business visitors and at no time have I ever heard of any complaints; indeed, I have had many compliments paid with regards to the professionalism and service awareness of

24/7‘s drivers.

The standard of roadworthiness and cleanliness of vehicles is always of the highest order.

Additionally, 24/7 also retains several ‘top end/luxury‘cars for transporting senior executives and VIP visitors.

Finally and importantly, service levels cannot be faulted. Having used 24/7 regularly for several years, I have never once been let down by a driver failing to turn up on time. This is one of the most important aspects of a chauffeur service in today’s hectic business world where timings are shaved to ensure maximum output by employees. There is never any room for slippage and so enjoying a contract where punctuality is a key component is, in my view, a real competitive differentiator.

In summary, I have been delighted with the service provided by 24/7 and I gladly offer this Reference as a testimonial of their past, current and future service.”

Guy Munnoch

Zurich Financial Services

1997 - 2012

"Just a little feedback regarding our booking on Saturday Its often people are happy to complain in writing but we feel the need to do the opposite! Your chap in the Chrysler (sorry I didn’t get his name) was well turned out, respectful and had an attention to detail we very much appreciated.

The car was lovely and we can't thank you enough. The man in the euro taxi was ok too.... even became a photographer for a couple of shots!

The level of service would make it very easy to recommend your company to others, and the value for money too.

So THANK YOU so much"

- Simon & Elizabeth Ryan


"We were the couple who you picked up at 06.45 on Sunday and took to Fareham. Unfortunately we left a bag in your taxi and you kindly brought it to the bus stop in time for us to catch the coach, please accept our sincere thanks for the big favour you did for us"

- David & Janette Thomson

“I would like to thank the whole team at 24-7 for the fantastic service that you have provided over the past two years. Thanks for putting up with my constant requests and I appreciate your professionalism and patience with our clients including the notorious Mr H and his crowd to name but a few. I have recommended you as the most reliable, friendly and professional bunch in the area."

- Anna

"I want to thank you for all the support and the patience you have had with me over the last 3 years that I have been booking taxis not only for guest's but also for the staff. Your company in my opinion has quality staff and good cars to meet the business requirements and is very reliable."

- Darryl, Hotel Night Manager


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