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Service Aims

  • Will ensure all vehicles are in perfect condition inside and out.
  • Will ensure vehicles have air conditioning as standard.
  • Will ensure vehicles’ interior and exterior are kept clean and well maintained.
  • Will ensure that the company, vehicles and drivers are licensed and insured. That all vehicle MOT and VED’s are current.
  • Will inform a passenger of any problems regarding pick-up, as soon as any problems become known and at least 20 minutes prior to pre-booked pick-up time.
  • Will, for Advance Bookings, ensure the driver is at the pick-up point in good time.
  • Will, for a pick-up from a private address or business address, ensure the driver makes available the following passenger notification services, telephone call to a mobile or home or business phone number. Knocks or ring the bell at the front door of the residence or premises. Communicates through the reception desk at a business remises.
  • Will plan and allow sufficient driving time for the driver to reach the pick-up point, allowing for any reasonably foreseeable delays.
  • Will ensure that drivers keep high standards of personal cleanliness.
  • Will ensure that drivers are smartly dressed.
  • Will ensure drivers carry their photographic ID.
  • Will ensure that the driver does not smoke or permit smoking in the vehicle at any time.
  • Will ensure that drivers abide by the legislation of the country.
  • Will ensure that all calls are answered through a hands free kit.
  • Personal calls are not to be taken while a passenger is in the vehicle, unless in the case of an emergency.
  • Will ensure that the driver is contactable at all times when on call.
  • Will ensure that the rear passenger area of the vehicle does not contain personal belongings of the driver
  • Will ensure that the driver makes the front passenger seat is available to the passenger.
  • Will ensure that the vehicle in car entertainment is not used whilst a passenger is in the vehicle unless specifically requested by the passenger.
  • Will ensure that drivers are polite and courteous at all times, maintain the highest possible standards of behaviour, which is to include maintaining maximum discretion, avoiding over familiarity with the passenger, and not arguing or verbally abusing other road users.
  • Will ensure drivers open vehicle doors. for the passenger.
  • Will ensure that drivers provide assistance to the passenger with their luggage both into and out of the boot.
  • Will ensure that there be sufficient luggage space for the passenger.
  • Will ensure the driver is at the meeting point in good time and will at all time clearly display the appropriate name and any other required information on a neatly written name board.
  • Will use its best efforts to ensure that all drivers conform to all road traffic laws, including speed limits and restrictions, at all times during the journey.
  • Will ensure that all drivers are not under the influence of drugs/alcohol when driving.
  • Will ensure that the company is promptly informed any property left in the vehicle by any passenger and that such property is stored safely for up to 8 weeks to allow for its return to or collection by the passenger

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